Course Information

Each student receives six course credits upon successful completion of the following two courses that form the basis of instruction during the field school. Both undergraduate and graduate credits are offered. Note: English will be the primary language of instruction, but Spanish will also be used and students with sufficient Spanish language skills will be encouraged to use their Spanish as often as possible. English translation is available to facilitate interviewing and communication. There are also inexpensive language schools in Panajachel and several of the surrounding Lake Atitlan communities for those who are interested.

ANT 495 Ethnographic Field School: This is a three-credit field methods course emphasizing practical training in ethnographic fieldwork and ethics. Applied research methods such as rapid appraisal will also be demonstrated. Students learn research design, systematic observation, interviewing, fieldnote-taking, coding, ethics, and how to use laptop computers in ethnographic research, data analysis and report writing.

ANT 495 Anthropology of Tourism: By the end of the course, students will understand how theories in the anthropology of tourism are applied to a particular field site, and will know the principal theories of anthropological tourism research; how tourism impacts local culture, society and environment; and how applied anthropologists study and assess tourism impacts. You will also see the role of tourism in human societies from both the host and guest perspectives.

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